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Wednesday 1st June 202210:30CAMEO
Thursday 2nd June 202210:00Little Angels
Sunday 5th June 202210:30Morning Service
Monday 6th June 202214:00Kaleidoscope
Tuesday 7th June 202210:30Oasis Cafe
Wednesday 8th June 202210:30CAMEO
Thursday 9th June 202210:00Little Angels
Sunday 12th June 202210:30Morning Service
Monday 13th June 202214:00Kaleidoscope
Tuesday 14th June 202210:30Oasis Cafe
Wednesday 15th June 202210:30CAMEO
Thursday 16th June 202210:00Little Angels
Sunday 19th June 202210:30Morning Service
Monday 20th June 202214:00Kaleidoscope
Tuesday 21st June 202210:30Oasis Cafe
Wednesday 22nd June 202210:30CAMEO
Thursday 23rd June 202210:00Little Angels
Sunday 26th June 202210:30Morning Service
Monday 27th June 202214:00Kaleidoscope
Tuesday 28th June 202210:30Oasis Cafe
Wednesday 29th June 202210:30CAMEO
Thursday 30th June 202210:00Little Angels
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Worcester, WR1 1LN


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